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Black paint is everywhere, only few know the meaning of black paint.

You a perfect Canvas and everyone in your life is a color some thing you like dislike, hate, love is a color, but black paint the darkest duh. But black paint is someone who kindly gave back your heart and not touched it the wrong way but the fact that they are giveing it back in perfect condition, you break your own heart. Your breaking down and looking for someone who took care of your heart just like they did and your breaking your own heart because you can’t find someone like them.
"He is me black paint"

"She is my black paint"
by Reneajulia1117 June 05, 2018
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A phrase that has become too politically incorrect for casual use.
I used to be able to day Black paint. No I have to say "Jamal will you please paint the fence "
by Czar Theodore May 29, 2017
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