To be "split" or temporarily regarded or accused by a person as being all bad.
Painted black

"He is not as black as they have painted him."

"I see my red door and I want to paint it black. No colors any more I want them to turn black...I look inside myself and see my heart is black...Maybe I'll just fade away and not have to face the facts. It's not easy to face up when my whole world is black."

A red door is a symbol of success.
by CcapriciousS November 17, 2016
song by the rolling stones during the vietnam era, it rocks
ever heard paint it black, if you have, YOU RULE!
by M6D September 1, 2004
An awesome song by The Rolling Stones.

Unfortunately, it was put on Guitar Hero 3, and now a whole bunch of idiots are running around in Rolling Stones T's calling themselves fans because of one song.
Person 1: OMGzzz! i LIKE l0v3 PAINT IT BLACK by The Rolling Stones! its SO EMO!!!!!!one Teyre mah fav band EVAR!!!!!!!1
Person 2: Is Paint It, Black the only song you know by them?
Person 1: Uv CORSE not! i also knw... um...
Person 2: Yes?
Person 1: um,,,
Person 2: Exactly.
by Lucio Soph September 10, 2010
Black paint is everywhere, only few know the meaning of black paint.

You a perfect Canvas and everyone in your life is a color some thing you like dislike, hate, love is a color, but black paint the darkest duh. But black paint is someone who kindly gave back your heart and not touched it the wrong way but the fact that they are giveing it back in perfect condition, you break your own heart. Your breaking down and looking for someone who took care of your heart just like they did and your breaking your own heart because you can’t find someone like them.
"He is me black paint"

"She is my black paint"
by Reneajulia1117 May 13, 2018
A phrase that has become too politically incorrect for casual use.
I used to be able to day Black paint. No I have to say "Jamal will you please paint the fence "
by Czar Theodore May 29, 2017
When you buy "black paint" from Japan when in reality it's just a bucket of soy sauce.
Dude 1: "Bro, your house smells weird."
Dude 2: "Yeah. I know."
Dude 1: "Don't tell me you got black paint from Japan!"
Dude 2: "At least you can dip sushi in it..."
by thehottestofdogs April 17, 2019