The better definition of "black sheep" .
Popularly used in the Edenvale area.
"Tina is the only one who can roll her eyes back in her head."
"Guess she's the real black fish of the family!"
by dizzyupthegirl November 20, 2017
When a non poc or a person of European descent alters their body and or skin tone to appear to be a black woman.
So wait, she’s not poc? So people are actually out here black fishing for the look but not the oppression? WEIRD!
by Proudblkgirl February 1, 2022
During anal sex, right before the male cums, he pulls out and inserts goldfish in rectum of female. He then re enters the penis and continues to fuck. After cumming, he uses a fork to dig out the goldfish then eats it.
Eugene was sick from black fishing his girl last night.
by The Giant Scrotum Sack December 8, 2008
when you say your black but your not, or try to talk or sound like a black person.
(please do not do this)
person 1- do you lick us carrybean gals?
person 2- stop black-fishing will ya?
by Nezuko stan June 11, 2021
Fresh ripe ebonic women's vaginal area. Smells like fresh salmon and tuna mixture odor.
Rahul is a black fish smelling pum tun.
by B.F S.S D,R April 3, 2010
Mr. Derrick Doyle " as in Fuck It Shit Happens"
Hey buddy I hate to tell you this but I fucked your sister last night after you told me not to. But remember your the black fish so you say " Fuck it shit Happens right" no matter what Fuck up shit other people may do or not your response will always be Fuck it shit Happens cuz what's done is done just hope they had fun even if you didn't.
by Aqua squirrel January 6, 2023
A slang term used to describe bowfin in southern Alabama and literary nowhere else
by The man69420 July 4, 2022