A drug that includes a mixture of LSD, Cocaine, and other substances which are administered through the use of q-tips or cotton swabs. Typically consumed through the ear but have also been known to be administered through the urethra, anus, and other orifices of the body.
Dood you should have seen Kevin last night! He was out of his mind, I think he was on bizzle
by PsychoticYuppie June 19, 2019
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Bizzle (U.K.)
Sometimes Used to say goodbye, replacing the phrase "in a bit," so, "see you in a bizzle"
"I'm off - see you tomorrow-"
"Yeah, Bizzle."
by UK97 January 9, 2010
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Jonk: Brb gotta drop a deuce.

Gingle: Aight scrub.

Jonk: Bizzle.

Gingle: Niiiceeee...
by Saucerlipz June 14, 2010
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kinebud, or kb. A stronger, better type of bud
if mids dont get you high anymore then get some bizzle
by jordon tha kid August 27, 2007
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can be a nickname for a partner. Instead of calling them "baby" a cute alternative would be "bizzle"
hey bizzle, how are you?

aw bizzle, youre cute
by kitty9114 May 7, 2010
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Stacey wasn't on her birth control so I asked her if I could put it in her bizzle.
by Carmello d. September 23, 2013
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A word used by people to describe them BITCHES
EX.1 I fuck all them dumb bizzle's last night and did the money shot in they eye. EX.2 Yo moma's a dumb bizzle. EX.3 Fo Shizzle my bizzle is in the bezzile felling her vizzle fo mezzle FA SHIZZLE my she my bizzle
by Pyro October 8, 2003
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