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Bitchlet is basically someone who is a bitch, but not all out a bitch. A bitchlet can also refer to someone whos being a bitch just because people are letting them.
Person 1 "God why does everything happen to me this is fair"
Person 2" jeez dont be such a bitchlet"
........ ........... ...................................... 1"Bitch bitch bitch moan moan moan bitch bitch bitch"
2"man 1 is such a bitchlet someone should really say something"
3 "I know"
by Enigma Pie October 15, 2005
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1. Noun - From Latin, the breeding of a female dog and a piglet.

2. Adj. - An arrogant and irritating person, who is usually very obese, but usually doesn't know that they are.
Marry is a bitchlet for eating all the cookies.
by Blaik December 05, 2010
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1. A little bitch
2. An updated version of the word used to refer to a male bitch mitch
Sindii: Who's the bitchlet that keeps blowing up your phone.?
Layla: Girl, that's my side nigga.
by Sindii01_01 August 07, 2018
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