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A lady who often gets mistaken for Bridgit, and can never find keychains with her name on it. Very nice and pretty, but has a very loud laugh. Loves life and always tries to make the best of it even when she loses her cool. Overall a very cool lady!
Britt: Wow, shes so pretty!

Carly: Ya, but take a look at that laugh! What a Birgit!
by brittcarly December 19, 2009
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Goddess among humans. Usually highly intelligent with an IQ of 140 or more. Blond, drop dead gorgeous and typically working in the medical field. Extremely loyal to those she loves. Annoyed by intolerance and blessed with wisdom, beauty and true friends................

Loves dogs and hates mice.
Commonly sticks out her neck for things she believes in and is not afraid to take risks..................................................
Possesses varies magical powers. Ruler over man and beast.
Birgit - tolerance is the finishing touch to ones inner beauty
by redvamp February 07, 2010
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Most of the time, a Birgit is a extreme fit female person with a couple of nice round boobs.
Look at that hot girl.. She is such a Birgit
by Iloveyoutoo March 28, 2007
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Commonly in usage in reference to Norweigian people, it has also come into usage for blonde people, especially those lacking mental capabilities.
Person: 'Oi! You Birgit! Get over here!!'
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Birgit is a Norwegian name typically given to girls with good intent that end up being women that will suck your dick and your friends dick to make sure she has at least one person to take care of her. Bitch and weird face but beautiful body. Boring and empty, but her stolen music tastes are at least solid. Moves from guy to guy. As in, her boxes of personal belongings are still at the house from two guys ago that she moved in with.

Also known as the walking pregnancy scare.
That girl Birgit is a real slut, but I’m not bored yet so I’m going to call my bros for some fun.

Did you hear that Sara pulled a Birgit recently ? I can’t believe she slept with all of those guys.
by Ethn002 July 20, 2018
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