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The act of a woman feeding a man his own cum from her mouth.
"Dude, I jizzed in tracy's mouth yesterday and she fed it to me via mouth. Birdfeeding is amazing!"
by Chris the Pussy popper August 11, 2015
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1. The act of paying absolutely nothing or close to nothing for the opposite sex when going out on dates, meeting at bars and going to strip clubs but still managing to have sexual intercourse the very same night.

2. The act of having the opposite sex buy everything including but not limited to; food, household appliances, video games, paying bills, etc. and all one offers in return is sex or minimal companionship.

Ten Rules of Birdfeeding:
10. Thou shall not taketh the bird or broad to the movies if it is not necessary.

9. If you do taketh someone to the movies. Thou shall not purchase food, drink, or any other products of consumption inside.

8. Thou shall not taketh the feedee out to eat unless it is at the BK lounge, the golden arches, or any other place of dining with no items on the menu costing over $7.00.

7. Thou shall not taketh the feedee home to meet moms or bring anything from moms to the bird or broad.

6. Thou shall not spend numerous hours with the feedee and consider it bird feeding. (TIME IS MONEY)

5. Thou shall not cater to friends and family of the feedee under any circumstances.

4. Thou shall not bird feed those who shouldn’t be bird fed. (Spouse)

3. Thou shall not bird feed unless the feeding results in prosperity for the feeder. i.e. (get or getting anything of value x10 for time spent.)

2. Thou shall not be bird fed if you consider yourself a bird feeder.

1. Thou shall not claim bird feeding if they have broken any of these commandments

"I've been birdfeeding Alice since our first date. She paid for the dinner, movie, and gas and all I had to do was have sex with her."

"This chick bought me an xbox and a microwave...her birthday was last week and I just gave her dick."

"I've been having sex with this broad every night for the past two weeks and all I've bought for her is a chocolate milk from the gas station...which i drank on the way to her house."

by Southside Inc. October 24, 2007
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A new branch of S&M where one throws up whatever is in one's stomach and your partner eats it.
Friend 1 "After having a fantastic dinner last night with my girlfriend we went home and I gave her a bird feeding."

Friend 2 "That is some heinous shit man"
by MnJarvis June 01, 2011
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