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A quick shower that only involves cleaning private parts and under arms. Origin. Prison
When your in the hole your only way of staying clean is a bird bath.
by AskAMexican! September 19, 2009
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it is a quick washing of the genitals just to make them fresh in the chance you may get action. bird bath b/c it is a small bath and b/c if you wanted to you could dip your balls in a bird bath (or the sink) and wash them. The intent is to wash away potential ball sweat which can dissuade a lady from give a bj
Werd, I will meet you at the bars, I just got to take a quick bird bath.
by the maker of words March 30, 2006
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when you pull your nutsack up, forming a cup, then pour a shot of liquor into it and have a girl suck the shot off of your sack
After getting bukkaked, the thirsty slut enjoyed a nice birdbath.

Your mom was doing birdbath shots in the men's room of the bar last night.
by steve February 09, 2004
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Quickly washing your armpits, crotch, face and neck in a sink atany various location. Can be performed at a coffee shoppe or a one night stand's crib after a long night at the club.
Dude 1: "She totally wants me but I have swass and have been sweating all night!"
Dude 2: "Give yourself a bird bath, man!"
by neoxp July 17, 2009
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Done mainly in clubs, a male pulls out his nuts and stretches them to hold a liquid. He then buys the women a drink and pours it in his newly made "Bird Bath". The women drinks and the man has found a new mate.
I decided to try the Bird Bath and I can't believe it, I was fucking her the next hour!!
by Puddy Tat May 03, 2005
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This is the act of bringing a female into the restroom, (stall preferably, if not that's okay) then bending her over, while fucking her, shoving her head in the toilet making her arms wave and flap around like a bird.
I took Ashley into her bathroom and I gave her a bird bath.
by Capacious Ignatious September 15, 2011
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Birdbath. (Verb)

- The act of pulling out, mid - coitus, and ejaculating on you partner's back; specifically, the dimples of the back, therefore creating a "bird bath" effect.
"totally gonna birdbath that girl tonight!"

"Look, I'm sorry, I actually don't have a condom on you mind if we birdbath it?"
by willy money September 08, 2011
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