The game where one person shouts "BING!" with something in their hand, then the first person to shout "BONG!" gets to keep the object that was in the 1st persons hand!
Ashleigh *with chocolate bar in hand*: BING!
Elsie: BONG!

Ashleigh: Here's the bar!
Bing-Bong Game :)
by BLAHBLAHCHICK123 August 01, 2012
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When someone says something stupid you say bing bong to call them dumb
Just said that dogs were pink so I said bing bong
by Kdog131 October 18, 2019
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Onomatopoeia: the sound balls make when bouncing. balls, as in handballs, tennis balls, basketball balls, etc.
If you're searching 'bing bong' in the hopes of finding some dirty joke, then get out you piece of scum.
by The quanman November 04, 2019
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bruh did u hear about the new song, bing bong zoo? it goes “bing bong bing, bong bing boom
by bing_bong_zoo September 29, 2019
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someone who is totally crazy random, mad as a box of frogs, but loveable, likeable, sincere and special
tina bing bong is nutty,
by bing bong bambina January 05, 2012
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