Viral catchphrase coined by Sidetalk (@sidetalknyc) that imitates the chime that sounds when New York City subway doors are closing. The sound can be heard in the intro of each Sidetalk episode.
FUCK YA LIFE - Bing Bong!
by ItsLittyInDaCity November 28, 2021
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Slang that is typically used in NYC, started by SideTalkNYC and many Others in New York. It went viral on TikTok & Instagram.
First Guy: “F*** ya life”.
Interviewer: “Bing Bong”.
Second Guy: “If you see these dogs in front yard, just know upstairs I’m going hard, Bing Bong!!!
Interviewer: “What do you want to tell Joe Biven Right Now”.
Third Guy: “wassup babyyy, take me out to dinner”.
Interviewer: “aye yoo”.
Second Guy: “Ariana Grande wassup mama, come to Coney Island take a spin on the cyclone, I miss you”.
by DSean Reese-Jones November 21, 2021
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A phrase said by Coney Islanders that you can put in every sentence and it will still work. Bing Bong.
by byronbingbong November 28, 2021
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The soothing sound of the subway closing it’s doors. The high to low pitch make it a comfortable sound that now is used in verbal language. A simple but yet enchanting tune.
Fuck ya life, Bing Bong”
You see these dogs in your front yard, just know im going hard upstairs, Bing Bong.”
by M3XIII November 27, 2021
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A phrase used as a respond to an unfortunate event to show pity or to make fun of the situation that just occurred; Bing bong is used after a sad statement is made.
Sue: Man, my date stood me up again tonight.

John: Bing Bong, Sue can’t get a date.
by PeerPopPoe February 9, 2020
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A New York expression. The sound a New York Subway makes upon open/close. Most recently seen on Sidetalk, an extremely popular 1-minute street show based in New York. A New York Knicks reference. #reptheKnicks
Bro, the Knicks won their opener against the Celtics in double OT! Mike Breen be droppin' that Bing Bong on they ass while we be gettin' buckets! "Bing Bong!"
by timmyslim24 November 4, 2021
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