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1. A remix of the word, "Beaner," so its basically just another way of saying beaner.

2. A very slow or stupid person.
"WOW! Look at that binar hop that fence!"


BILLY: Hey man, I just threw a rock at our principle!

FRANKIE: Stupid Binar
by The Autistic Gramham Cracker November 15, 2007
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A handsome dude with good morals, he’s fun to be around but careful cause he’s more sensitive than the most sensitive girl you know , he’s super jealous and does anything to keep himself up even if it means letting down his own friends. The best way to act around him is don’t care much, he fukn likes compliments try it amd be amazed, but he will make fun of you later for that lmao
Guy one : my girlfriend is so sensitive

Guy 2 : she’s such a binar
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by Starboy 🚀 February 18, 2019
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