Comedian: Made popular by the internets and websites named after Sean Connery quotes. He knows what the Jazz is all about and has a slight grasp of the game Pokemon.
Pokemon?! Pokemon with the Poke and the man and the thing with the guy comes out of the thing AND HE MAKES A VRAHERZAH AH AH AH

-Bill Cosby
by Prawned July 07, 2006
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To drug a woman or women without their knowledge or consent. To take advantage of their bodies sexually and cover the sex scandal.
Did you hear about Cheyenne. She got the bill Cosby special by victor.
by The peso bear July 30, 2016
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The act of eating colorful food(s) and regurgitating onto your partner's chest, creating a vibrant layer of love not unlike Bill Cosby's sweater.
Mindy: Would you mind giving me a Bill Cosby?

Josh: Sure, babe, let me get the Fruity Pebbles.

Mindy: We did Fruity Pebbles last night. Grab the Pudding Pops.
by jewishjew855 July 11, 2011
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A sick ass mofo with bad breath, that will one day parish because of his bad breath.
My girlfriend smells like a Bill-Cos-by.
by Evan Baker February 20, 2005
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A really scary dude who allegedly molested some chicks like 20 years ago. Some say bill cosby lives in my basement, and that's scary af.
me: did you hear about the man in my basement?
fuckboy: yea, isn't it bill cosby?
by therealestOG December 09, 2014
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Comedian who should be cloned; comedian who should be recognized as a national treasure; not a racist, but a compassionate person who is a good role model.
Bill Cosby is a national treasure because he made a show which is THE PERFECT parenting guide for any set of parrents, or single parents... naming their ethnicities is not important, because I already said the important part which is: Bill Cosby is a national treasure!!!!!!!!
by Al Jackson August 24, 2003
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