A self-righteous, confrontational individual whose preferred mode of transportation is a bicycle. They are frequently (thought not always) riding fixed-gear or custom-designed bikes and also tend to have the hipster or bike messenger look. While hippies and bike racers may share their love of bikes, a Bike Nazis is much more likely to be a scofflaw and confrontational toward strangers.

Bike Nazis are often vegan and believe their choice of transportation makes them superior to those who choose to drive cars (and those who drive out of necessity), as well as truckers, public transit drivers and riders, and pedestrians. Critical Mass gatherings are typically populated by a majority of Bike Nazis.

Bike Nazis are quick to confront anyone who gets in their way or questions their behavior, including drivers, pedestrians and even other cyclists. While rarely escalating to full-blown violence (most are all bark and no bite), Bike Nazis are quick to vandalize a car if they feel they can get away with it - also referred to as "U-Lock Justice".

Bike Nazis are also oblivious to the rules of the road, particularly stoplights, crosswalks and stop signs. While they will demand the creation of bike lanes and angrily confront anyone blocking a bike lane, they maintain that the entire road is theirs.
I was almost hit by a Bike Nazi in a crosswalk yesterday. I told him to be more careful and he turned around and started swearing at me. I started walking toward him and he sped off, giving me the finger as he rode away.
by ihavespoe October 29, 2010
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Someone who spends all of their day-job money on a shiny fixed-gear and looks down their nose at 'inferior' bicycles, especially anything comfortable and/or with a basket attached. Most likely to be found in dense urban areas, but also foray into the suburbs from time to time.
Cyclist biking to work: (nod and smile)

Bike nazi: (stares straight ahead) Fucking Freds.
by bikesforever November 6, 2008
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Bike Nazis are city nerds who show up in rural areas with urban attitudes, dressed in strange alien garb such as dumpy ass spandex pants, pointy head helmets and tard shoes. They do dumb shit to piss off the farmers who really use the roads for their livelihood like ride 3 abreast in a 55 mph zone so you can't get around them. They give attitude to everyone. They are nothing but a pain in the ass.
Nice shoes there slick. If you didn't look stupid enough with your bony ass in spandex and that stupid looking helmet, the shoes take it right over the top. At least that farmer will be able to see your bike nazi ass before he runs over you with his combine.
by Bozlog May 4, 2008
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Often a jock as$#ole (likely lives / rides exclusively in Boulder, Colorado), who not only feels bikes are equal to & deserve all rights that cars have, but feels bikes (and bike-nazi jerks like himself) are superior to autos / drivers and don't even need to follow traffic rules, stop signs, etc.

Often belligerent & arrogant when riding among or dealing with automobiles and automobile drivers.

Being mostly macho, type-A, latent-homosexual jock as$#holes (always wearing goofy looking bug-hat helmets and skin-tight, lycra bike shorts / 'penis pants'), they often flip the bird and shout epithets like "faggot" etc. at auto drivers they feel did not give them enough room or what they deem as the 'proper respect.'
Some Boulder 'bike nazi' started a fight at an intersection with an unsuspecting automobile driver whom the nazi thought had tried to cut him off.
Unfortunately the kid driving the car was armed, got scared, and shot the nazi in the face.
by dave_CO February 2, 2007
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A bicycle rider that thinks bikes should be treated like cars and ride according to that precept. It doesn't matter that bikes can't travel 45 mph in traffic and consequently screw up traffic and cause apprehension and hesistation for surrounding vehicles who don't know whether they can pass the stupid douche. Even though almost all American streets are not designed to accomodate bike traffic, bike nazis insist that drivers "share the road" when doing so is unsafe and not practical.
If your name ain't Lance Armstrong, get the fuck off the road, stupid bike nazi!
by AP EXPLAINZ January 19, 2006
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A term used by those who do not ride bicycles, and are driven by their car culture sense of entitlement, to describe someone who, from their perspective, dares to expect to be considered an equal on public roads, even though their vehicle of choice is not 1-2% efficient at propelling their body along the road, nor burns petroleum (shipped by other petroleum fuelled vehicles) from a hole in the ground half-way around the world, and doesn't create masses of toxic, greenhouse gases.
Better a bike Nazi than a car-driving saint.
by belok May 28, 2010
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