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"done deal" (expression of agreement, closing on a contract, declaring a mission accomplished, setting something in stone, game over)
Yo, T-Mac just nailed six consecutive threes. Let's go home, this game is a done dizzy.
by AP EXPLAINZ January 20, 2006
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A bicycle rider that thinks bikes should be treated like cars and ride according to that precept. It doesn't matter that bikes can't travel 45 mph in traffic and consequently screw up traffic and cause apprehension and hesistation for surrounding vehicles who don't know whether they can pass the stupid douche. Even though almost all American streets are not designed to accomodate bike traffic, bike nazis insist that drivers "share the road" when doing so is unsafe and not practical.
If your name ain't Lance Armstrong, get the fuck off the road, stupid bike nazi!
by AP EXPLAINZ January 19, 2006
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what your boss sounds like at work when he is just rambling about some nonsense and you are zoning out and not interested
So I'm finishing up my work and next thing I know Phillip comes over to my desk and is all like "wocca wocca wocca" - and I start thinking about what's for dinner.
by AP EXPLAINZ November 8, 2007
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