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A small city with a large university and is dope as fuck. People make fun of it as a hippie town, but seem to have no trouble coming to take part in 420. If you don't know what 420 is, then I suggest you come to Norlin Quad next year. It is an annual stoner-fest that will make you fall in love with this wonderful city.
It is also home to kick ass parties every day of the week, and is inhabited by not only extreme liberals, but californians that rely on trust funds. There's also those people who wish they either went to the University of Colorado or lived in Boulder, so they traverse there as much as possible. Those people are sad.

The only schools that really compete with CU academically are DU and Mines, and CSU in certain aspects. (By the way, it really sucks to be a CSU Ram because CU kicks their ass in football just about every year. Their school colors are also, like, dark green and gold or something. Ew. Oh and the minimum freshman GPA to be accepted there is a 3.3, and CU is 3.5 and above. So CSU is really just a continuation of high school. Gross.)
Anyway, that's not the point.

The point is, Boulder, Colorado is largely associated with the University of Colorado, and hippies. If you have ever lived in Boulder for over 3 months, you will realize you live in what is considered the "Boulder Bubble." If this is the case, get the fuck out for a couple days. The warning sign(s) for this would be: Shopping at Whole Foods, going on Pearl Street to receive your daily bit of news, talking to those Greenpeace people, and sleeping at Chatauqua. If you experience any of these, GET THE FUCK OUT, then come back to some insane, drunken parties. But please do us all a favor: if you're over 25, please don't come to the parties on the Hill. It reflects poorly on you, and we really don't want to have to deal with old people.

Oh, and Noodles and Company, Cliff Bars, 3OH!3 and IZZE's were invented here. Just fyi.
Person 1 (on the front lawn of CU in the daylight while cops walk by): Do you have any purple kush?
Person 2: Do you even have to ask?

Person 1: So, who do you think will win this year?
Person 2: Well, considering CSU lost last year, the year before that, the year before that... the year before that....
Person 1: Whatta bunch of douche bags. Good call.


Person 1: Let's go to Breck after class.
Person 2: Shiiit yessss. I'll grab the Hazed and Infused. Thank god we live in Boulder, Colorado.
by BlondeBabeeeee May 31, 2009
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The hometown of 3OH!3, arguably the best band that there ever has been or will be. Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman.
You's a punkbitch if you don't know bout Boulder, Colorado. Your girl's a freak, cause that's what I told her.

Sean: I love you Lizzy I don't care if you're not from Boulder, Colorado.
Nat: Same, Lucy.
by 3oh3 June 09, 2009
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