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Old-musician slang for a dick.
Usually referenced as such when referring to oral sex.
"the first time I saw her,
she was playin' a tune,
in the orchestra pit,
on a MEAT bassoon."

copyright Doug Clark & hot nuts
by dave_CO February 2, 2007
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Often a jock as$#ole (likely lives / rides exclusively in Boulder, Colorado), who not only feels bikes are equal to & deserve all rights that cars have, but feels bikes (and bike-nazi jerks like himself) are superior to autos / drivers and don't even need to follow traffic rules, stop signs, etc.

Often belligerent & arrogant when riding among or dealing with automobiles and automobile drivers.

Being mostly macho, type-A, latent-homosexual jock as$#holes (always wearing goofy looking bug-hat helmets and skin-tight, lycra bike shorts / 'penis pants'), they often flip the bird and shout epithets like "faggot" etc. at auto drivers they feel did not give them enough room or what they deem as the 'proper respect.'
Some Boulder 'bike nazi' started a fight at an intersection with an unsuspecting automobile driver whom the nazi thought had tried to cut him off.
Unfortunately the kid driving the car was armed, got scared, and shot the nazi in the face.
by dave_CO February 2, 2007
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