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1. of significant size or intent.

Note: "big-ass" is not to be confused with big ass.
a. Did you see that big-ass boat coming our way?

b. The woman's big ass required a big-ass chair.
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by Dopest Definer November 23, 2019
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Adjective for large in size.
Can also be used to describe other body parts that are large.
Example 1: That's a big ass truck.
Example 2: He's got big ass legs.
by Cheesie May 13, 2004
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A slang term for referring to something large
Yo bernie, are you plannin' a big ass party?
by spawn October 01, 2003
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Many people like when girls have a big ass and one of the girls is kennedy there are others but that is the main one
by The big man4002 August 20, 2017
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A word that is used to decsribe an obscenely large objct, like a T.V. or rims on a car. Not to be confused with big ass, which contains a space making it a derogetory word, usually describing the butt on women. Bigass can also be switched with large, huge, or giant.

When used for T.V., be sure to use bigass to describe size, not big ass to describe it. Big ass T.V. is a time on HBO which has "late night" specials including pornography. But can only be misspelled if written.
Correct: I just went out and got some bigass rims on my car.

Incorrect: "I went out and bought a big ass T.V."
"Whats an ass T.V.?"
by Evan M Macias June 13, 2008
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