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I don't like it, I never liked it, and if this is all you're gonna text me over summer after radio silence from you then first and you, Rosie, e.t.c had be to be so absorbed in my romantic life, my personal life, my WHOLE FUCKING LIFE, you had to find pictures of me from YEARS AGO, FUCKING YEARS, to bring back and show me and everybody else because i was so fucking ugly and so fucking fat you guys couldnt just keep the shit ñto yourselves, everybody had to see, everyone had to know what i looked like in 5th to 6th grade having as much fun as possible, I wanted to make memories so I took pictures of myself making those memories, but for the same reason of you ass hats i stopped taking those pictures, my camera roll is purely screenshots, i dont take pictures of myself anymore because of people like yall, alright now I know I went on a tangent but this has been sitting in me for a while and now you out of the blue send me that shit, kinda makes me mad yknow? But really, don't text me, ask me to hop on house party, call me on here, e.t.c, ANY way of contacting me, if this is all you are gonna send
Kevin sends you a big ass paragraph like this when he fucking hates you
by nigerianprince August 12, 2019
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A dirty, nasty, fat off, hairy, bucket Cunt.
Guy 1: Mate i was bout to bang some girl last night, but she had a Big Ass Pussy, it looked like someone had parked a bus in it!!
Guy 2: So did u bang her?
Guy 1: Fuck yer! any holes a goal boi!!
by Joemc21 January 8, 2008
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A tendency for the gluteus to be ever there.

Abbreviated B.A.S

See Also: Jumpulous
Patient: Doctor B I'm having difficulty fitting into my jeans.

Doctor B: I'm afraid you have a severe case of

B.A.S. Very advanced, the best I've ever seen!

Patient: B.A.S.?! OMG Doctor, what is that?!

(big ass syndrome)
by Jpizzlethebyrd May 22, 2010
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a document that is over a few pages. Usually found at a presidential library. The term is best used in a large class room setting, resulting in you looking like an idiot.
While copying someone else's paper topic, David asked the professor, what if we were to find a big ass d?
by prezfordpardon December 15, 2010
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The ridiculously large chain worn by T-Pain. It's first public appearance was at the 2009 BET awards. The chain is 1 foot by 1 foot and literally says "BIG ASS CHAIN".
"Yo did you see that big ass chain T-Pain had on at the BET Awards" "Yea that was his Big Ass Chain.
by Dr. pop-hip-hop January 19, 2010
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means what it is called; BIG fucking boobys; A girl or possibly a fat or kind of chunky guy with some big boobs or man boobs
Wow Jessica Simpson has Big ass tittys!

That girl has fucking Big ass tittys man!

That fuckin fat ass over there has some bug ass tittys
by The Champion December 18, 2004
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Having a lot of courage or bravery to do something.
He got some big ass balls for asking that girl out.
by Purple8InchCock88812 March 9, 2017
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