a human with thicc legs ahahha
by basicrobloxianhaha October 6, 2021
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phrase used by Levi Ackerman because he was done with Eren Jaeger's bull shit screamfest in the woods so he took it upon drastic measures to give him a life lesson on nature
" Hey Eren, take a look at these big ass trees" -Levi
by Bitch Ass Fedora March 7, 2017
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Quite possibly the best name for a ceiling fan company, especially given how massive their fans are and how much air they move. But for real, their fans are actually great despite the name.
I need one of those huge big ass fans in my living room, bedroom, gameroom, kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere where you can put a fan!
by PrayToLose May 1, 2021
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A “Big Ass Fly” is a house fly that is the proportionate size of a grape and has the loudest buzz known to man and will thump into your wall many times because it’s fatass is too slow to turn. You can usually encounter this monstrosity while taking a monster shit, or when your disgusting swamp ass won’t clean up the dirty dishes in your room. The best way to get rid of a Big Ass Fly is to suck it up with a shop vac, or kill it with a fly swatter.
Dude what the hell, there is a Big ass fly in my room!
by Fermit_The_Krog June 11, 2020
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A large chair in the front of Duke Ellington School for the Arts in Georgetown, Washington DC
by Jane April 22, 2005
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Something significant in size, usually used in the Institute of Art and you're coming from South Side.
Look at that big ass buddha statue over there! Dauumn!
by alaska-native October 5, 2019
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Origin: R. Crumb, 1960s-era underground comic artist. A bitch with an ass so big and bubbled that the top actually forms a shelf or seat, possibly large enough for an averaged-sized commuter to ride to work.
Steve: Yo, check out the booty!
Paul: She's the big ass monorail headin' downtown!
by Dick Knibbler November 21, 2007
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