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A slang term for referring to something large
Yo bernie, are you plannin' a big ass party?
by spawn October 01, 2003

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One of the fastest guitarist ever. If you see him in concert he does arpegio runs that will blow your mind. The only reason the new albums don't have solos is because James Hetfield writes all the songs and he never writes anything that pushes Hammet's skills.
Kirk Hammet is so badass.
He replaced Mustaine he must be good.
by Spawn October 31, 2005

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"I love to take cock." or "I'm a faggot."
by SPAWN May 06, 2013

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A word that is cleary a typo of starving or something, possibly made by someone dutch, that is trying to get covered up as being an actual word by a dodgy Serbian.
the starveling ghoul
by Spawn September 22, 2003

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