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The name for someone who is a male, but acts as if he lifts something too heavy or does something strenuous, he may hurt his vagina. Seeing as that he is such a pussy, it would be impossible for him to possess the proper "Junk"
Person 1: "That guy couldn't pick up that box of bananas.!" Person 2: Wow, what a "Big V"
by Team Lead February 03, 2010
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A notorious Tamil, infamous in the Greater London area, Northern Sri Lanka and beyond. Involved in loan-sharking, extortion and debt collecting. Well known amongst underworld circles, casinos and club promoters before he started a rap career in late 2007.
You better give Big V the money or he'll hiren you.
by BigVdoggydogg December 25, 2008
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the big v conists of two sets of two joined fingers making use of maximum versitility and foreign excitement. more enjoyable than its cousin the pelican and more evened out than two in the pink and one in the stink.
"Vince gave me the big V, waking up the neighbors while I moaned like a wildebeast." "The nasty bitches love it when you give them the big V."
by V Jam July 14, 2008
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slang for a gangster chemistry teacher, responsible for a number of phrases in west yorkshire
Mr. V. Rooke, inventor ov the 20p fine and the spe-ach
by The mouth November 11, 2004
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