Big pp is a saying by daddy pewdiepie and you get big pp by getting upvoted by pewds
Sive has very very big pp
by Piece of cardboard January 20, 2020
Someone who has a big pp.
Daniel has a big pp. Liniyah doesn’t.”
by MrFlyingUnicorn December 15, 2018
a big peniess
weeb dog has a big pp
by asdfsdfasdfasdgasdg February 11, 2018
big pp is a way of the youtuber pewdiepie rating your memes and big pp is good
pewdiepie: i give big pp
by make_wish_kid April 27, 2020
a very large penis or a feeling of almighty power of somebody with a very high IQ
by pppppppp.pppp March 24, 2020
Big PP
Big PP:Something that satisfies girls when they are horny
by Bigdaddyjohn6987 January 28, 2020
Me: Dang did you see john?
Bob: Yeah my man has a big pp.
by Itz_double_A_2 February 8, 2021