It is an award given by a man who is usually praised by 19 year olds. This man also has the power of awarding small pp. usually he awards it to funny images with words about his content or something relevant to his content.
by Professor oak June 15, 2020
A way of saying that your sexually incompetent friend's pp is small and only those with a large PP will understand.
Guy 1: *tells a dirty joke*
Guy 2: I don't understand that joke.
Guy 1: You wouldn't understand its a Big PP Ting.
by HatedMNM December 12, 2019
big pp energy is when you think if you were in a specific situation that you would get hard.
*sees hot thot*
"wow that is some big pp energy"
by shmacker7777 February 23, 2021
yes you do your pp big very big
jared: do I have a big pp

jane: yes your pp very big
by hgarciarox January 27, 2021
People who say this Word wanna mean with it that they have a Big dick its very Commonly Used by 9 - 12 year old children
Kid: YOU HAVE SMALL PP I HAVE BIG PP HAHA 16 year old person: ugh youre so cringy!
by Theunknownrandomguy May 22, 2019