a very large penis or a feeling of almighty power of somebody with a very high IQ
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by pppppppp.pppp March 24, 2020
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Big pp is the most honorable compliment a Male individual can bestow upon one of his equals. Receiving this Compliment is like being kissed by a thousand angels, studies have shown that Male happiness is raised by 300% after being told he has "Big pp" . Popular you tube influencer "Pewdiepie" is well known for using this Phrase in Gratitude to his fans posting content for him under his subreddit r/pewdiepiesubmissions.
Male A: Hey bro you fight for equality? Thats very Big pp of you!
Male B: Thank you so much I feel so much better, I will go home, kiss my wife and donate my organs for medical reasons. I will never forget this!
by Mangoeater69 October 12, 2020
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The highest honour and compliment given to one man to another
Man 1: you have big pp.
Man 2: *cries in happiness* wow thanks man this is a honour!
Man 1: no problemo
by Emborg June 05, 2020
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It is an award given by a man who is usually praised by 19 year olds. This man also has the power of awarding small pp. usually he awards it to funny images with words about his content or something relevant to his content.
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by Professor oak June 14, 2020
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Big pp is a saying by daddy pewdiepie and you get big pp by getting upvoted by pewds
Sive has very very big pp

legends say a person called TigaroIsGay got the first big pp and small pp
by Tigaro is trash June 15, 2020
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saying Big PP to someone is a sign of respect. if you say it to a gurl they will love you instantly.
Big PP is also used to tell someone they're smort.
by ThatOneSwedishPerson June 18, 2020
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