Big pp is the most honorable compliment a Male individual can bestow upon one of his equals. Receiving this Compliment is like being kissed by a thousand angels, studies have shown that Male happiness is raised by 300% after being told he has "Big pp" . Popular you tube influencer "Pewdiepie" is well known for using this Phrase in Gratitude to his fans posting content for him under his subreddit r/pewdiepiesubmissions.
Male A: Hey bro you fight for equality? Thats very Big pp of you!
Male B: Thank you so much I feel so much better, I will go home, kiss my wife and donate my organs for medical reasons. I will never forget this!
by Mangoeater69 October 12, 2020
The highest honour and compliment given to one man to another
Man 1: you have big pp.
Man 2: *cries in happiness* wow thanks man this is a honour!
Man 1: no problemo
by Emborg June 6, 2020
when a person has personality and energy that proves his large pp
by grerret February 5, 2020
Usually short, brown and skinny. Has a ridiculously huge PP. Girth is also present on anyone called this name.
Yo! What’s good Big PP Man?
by PP McChungis September 30, 2018
A term used to denote the person in a group with the largest phallic member.
That's Dave, we call him Big PP John.
by Cali Freeheim May 27, 2018
A moment when something is epic. A small pp moment meaning unepic, pretty much the opposite.
person 1: "Dude my friend bought me GTA V"
person 2: "big pp moment"
by VeuIla September 25, 2020