A big ass PP is a huge motherfucker. What is it? Well you’ll have to think about that yourself.
“I have a BIG ASS PP,” Said the man.
Jerry answered, “Can I see it?
I don’t know what it is...”
by Not Pate Miller May 28, 2020
when your pp so smoll you imagination grows 20 tetrameters.
Jimmy has a smoll pp big imagination.
by Darnville April 24, 2021
Overwatch player that plays really aggressive and makes 6 man shatters.
"OMG our rein is a big pp rein"
by Smol pp big brain February 14, 2020
Big PP gaming is when your big ass PP starts to game for you. This is rare with only 2/100000 in the world who manage to learn this amazing skill. Its simple, it plays for you whenever you want. Want a break? Dont worry take a nap while your PP does your handywork.
Person 1: How is John already level 200 in fortnite?
Person 2: He has a Big PP gaming
Person 1: What a fucking joke, its been 4 days in the new season.
Person 2: Search Big PP to learn more about it.
by Cool_kid15236 January 17, 2023