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Similair to the bionic seahorse the Big Dan is wen a male inserts his penis in a females nose an forces her to gargle his testicles, resembling the laugh of the infamous "Big Dan".
My balls are still soggy from that Big Dan
by o May 12, 2009
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A strong, bold, sassy, smart woman: usually a shorter version of the name Danielle.
"Big Dan is amazing, she got her BA while being a single mom!"
"She's a big dan, look at all those guys staring at her!"
by K-dizz-in-da-hizz April 27, 2008
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Fat gipo who smells funny an has many STDs he's could from his mum an sister also his nan who lost her teeth on the big wheel at the gipo fair
by Owen dono September 29, 2018
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