A white male prep/college kid that genrally uses drugs, or other unconsent tactics to have sex with women, or a person of that ideal look talks about preying on weak women.
Person 1: "aw man im gunna fuck that bitch tonight"

Person 2: "shes just drunk and dancing man, she probably dosnt want a random dude comming up behind her".

Person 1: " no man, girls who dance and get drunk at bars are lookin to fuck"

Person 2: "whatever you say brock turner, good luck with that"
by Pigpappa June 11, 2016
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Verb. to rape someone. Named after Brock 'the rapist' turner. The Stanford rapist-turned-swimmer-but-still-a-rapist who raped an innocent unconcious young woman and dumped her behind the dumpster.

Noun. Can also be used as a noun to refer to someone as a piece of shit, a disgusting human being, a cum-soaked shit stain, and of course as a rapist.
Verb. Stacy was visiting her sister at the Stanford campus and got brock turned at a party

Noun. Johnathan stole 16,000 from his cancer struck grandmother, what a brock turner.
by alandeformedabout June 08, 2019
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Someone who commits rape and gets away with it.
I heard he used to Brock Turner all the time until he got caught.
by ConnieRealness September 04, 2019
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