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Someone who's a part of the fellas and is a bit of a lad. Even if they are tiny in physical size, you can still call them a big unit.
1: "You know DT?"
2. "Yeah mate, he's a bit of a big unit,"
1: "What about Louie, mate?"
2:"Even tho he's tiny, mate, he's still a big unit,"
1:"Ye mate."
1:"Have a good one mate."
2:"You too mate."
by dickheadhikes August 01, 2018
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Nickname of future hall-of-famer and K/9IP king Randy Johnson, thus giving him the distinction of being the only baseball player to have a double entendre for both his given name and his nickname.
Randy's pitching makes every pitching fanatic's unit big.
by ScabNainz January 31, 2005
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Another word to describe someone or something that is tall, long or fat. B.U for short.
Joey: Yo, Bens dick is a big unit. It must be 7 inches

Jason: I heard it was 8, what a B.U!
by Stan the Man 54 October 03, 2016
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1One of large stature
2He who has very broad shoulders
3Big fella
"look at that fella, he's a big unit, could call him a tank really"
by Leah May 28, 2003
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Overweight or large statured female.
Generally look quite imposing or scary - you wouldn't want to upset one.
Seen the new bird in accounts? She's a big unit!
by Ockt October 17, 2005
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Randy Johnson the former big league pitcher who pitched for several teams throughout his brilliant career was nicknamed the big unit.
Johnson was called the big unit for several reasons . He was the tallest pitcher in major league history measuring 6'11" and being a southpaw, it was almost impossible for lefties to get a hit off Johnson. Furthermore, there are several words that mean penis such as dick, cock, johnson....etc. So, Randy Johnson, who was known as a real asshole and physically resembled a huge penis was given the nickname "the big unit"
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 12, 2017
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the greatest strikeout pitcher of all time. 4,000 plus SO, threw a perfect game in may 2004.
by uknowhoiam July 02, 2004
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