v - to intentionally ignore a person in order to appear superior.
"I was walking down the street and i said 'hi' to Jeremy and he totally big leagued me!"
by anonymous November 22, 2003
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Verb: The act of considering something so trivial or insignificant that one refuses to acknowledge its presence or existence; the state of being 'better than.'
History: The term "big league" derives from the transition professional athletes make from the minor leagues in baseball to the professional leagues, particularly referring to the attitude a big name star displays to those around him.
I had court today but I big leagued it.
"I had court today but I was over it."
Did you go to class today?
No, I big leagued it.
"No, I was over it."
Did you big league me when I called?
"Did you avoid my call?"
Are you going to show up tomorrow or are you going to big league?
"Are you going to show up tomorrow or are you going to pretend that you're better?"
Now that Mike got that substantial promotion he's big leaguing all of us.
"Now that Mike got that substantial promotion, he's being a cocksucker."
by kkkash April 12, 2007
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Typically done when a person uses slightly relevant knowledge to demonstrate their superiority over someone. Usually intended to belittle a person and make them feel insignificant or "show them up"
When Tina Weaver shows up and attempts to wax corporate-speak in a vein attempt to sound like she understands business, that is big leaguing. In this case she has little to no business knowledge but to the unsuspecting greeter, she appears competent and thus successfully big leagues
by Lance Rice December 13, 2008
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In attempt to look cool one big leagues by intentionally beginning to present themselves as a much greater player than they really are, eventually earning them player status.
Bro 1: Yo, you look really cool in this Facebook picture with three chicks. All the girls think your a player now.

Bro 2: I hired three hookers to take that photo with me. Don't tell anyone, I'm big leaguing.
by SwagerJager October 17, 2015
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- to flex on another level, do something different out of the norm causing possible hate and/or jealousy from frenemies, enemies and haters
Example used in a sentence:
“They done put me in them big leagues

by FredGolden April 7, 2018
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A Description of something is beyond good.
"Oh man, thats Big League."
by Donny December 7, 2003
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To intentionally leave someone or something behind in a - typically - false pursuit for something better.
The team at work was doing great; that is, until Matt big leagued us for a fruit company.
by OG BgLgr October 16, 2018
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