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A person, usually male, who defines himself by the size of his biceps. Biceptuals, often found on Long Island, are frequently seen out and about in the summer months, and they are known to wear extra small t-shirts. They compensate for a lack of intelligence with the size of their biceps.
Nah, let's go to a different bar. That one is packed with biceptuals.
by NomenclatureOfOurTime April 06, 2015
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A person, usually a man, who is obsessed with his biceps.
Sonia: Did you see Sacha?
Terri: Yes, he's so biceptual, always showing off his guns.
by ratto January 21, 2009
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a man who is so obsessed with his muscles, typically arms, that their had has gone so far up their ass it has resurfaced through the esophagus creating the illusion of a normal person.
ever since that kid got some biceps he's been acting pretty full of himself

yeah hes a certified biceptual
by crumbuns August 17, 2010
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A gym regular that is either into exclusively lifting biceps or incorporating biceps into every gym cession. On occasion they dream of having relations with the anatomical muscle group.
Ex. Brohammer, check out that dude over there getting diesel on his brocepts. He's such a biceptual.
Ex. Mom, Dad, I wanted to tell you that I think I'm a biceptual... (Mom & Dad gasp)
by Jacking Steel November 07, 2014
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