a radical departure from the fast food 'tub' , or 55 gallon drum of soft drink (ie: "ultra gulp")
requesting this at a fast food place definitely proves a 'foreign' concept
my dutch friends were horrified at all the sloppy fat americans, i told them to be sure an ask for an extra small drink when at a fast food place...

the order taker looked at me like i was INSANE! , when i requested an extra small drink @ michael and donald's !

get you a TANK of soft drink @ michael and donald's! , NOT an extra small drink ! , let's BULK UP !!
by michael foolsley July 11, 2022
calling a person ecuadorian extra small is not quite like calling someone ecuadorian small. Ecuadorian small is a term used to describe someone with a monstrously so Avg. Dick size of 7.5 to 9 inches & above.

However, ecuadorian extra small is simply below average but not tiny.

the more extras you add, the tinier the dick becomes.
is he Ecuadorian Small, nah hes Ecuadorian extra Small.

ah thats ight, as long as its not a third leg.

yo, did you hear about that his ecuadorian small?
nah i heard its an ecuadorian extra extra extra small.

oh, i feel bad for the mate.
by Life AInt heCk December 1, 2019
the size of underwear commonly worn by men with unfortuanatly small penii
omg matthew madden has such a small penis!

yeah hes extra extra small underwear size, from the M&S children's department
by chinchinchin December 9, 2011
I love shoveling down extra large small fry down my throat... ummm yummy.
by Nugget96 January 30, 2018
When a man fails to complete a simple task that other men could complete with ease they are extra small.
When a man acts like he is smug that he drives a hybrid or electric car.
When a man thinks hes great because he owns a sports car (this mostly occurs with porsche drivers).
Old apprentice: the new apprentice hasnt torqued that mans wheel on yesterday so it came off!
mechanic: extra small?
Old apprentice: yeah? Extra small mate!
Man who is extra small: Do you like my new por-shaa?
Guy: rather have a rs 2000
by Evbuscus September 15, 2015