Ruined by Refs.
Superbowl XL was ruined by the refs.
by XeL August 22, 2006
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The 40th Superbowl which was either:

~ a NFL championship game which the refs were Steelers fans, robbing the Seahawks of the Superbowl title.

~ a NFL championship game which some Steeler fan/fans with money got to the ref.

~ a NFL championship game which Vegas stood to loose too much money if the Seahawks won, so they got to the refs to fix the game in favor of the Steelers. Vegas came out with record income on this Superbowl.

~ a NFL championship game which the people in charge of the NFL, fixed the game with: picking the Steelers as a favorite even though the Steelers were not conference champs; having the media celebrate the Steelers for two weeks before the game; celebrating 3 to 4 Steelers retired players before the game and not celebrating any retired Seahawk players; and then when all else failed had the refs make bad calls on the Seahawks, costing them the game.
1. The Seahawks should be Superbowl XL Champs.

2. Steelers should not be wearing the Superbowl XL ring.

3. Steeler fans are stupid if they think they have the right to celebrate the outcome of Superbowl XL.

4. Q: Why are the Steelers called the Steelers? A: Because they got the refs to steel them Superbowl XL.
by thmtom April 20, 2008
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a joke. being robbed. the ref's should have been wearing black and yellow. what a scam, the ref's were bought out. there is no way that Ben Worthlessburgrg scored...
i was watvhing the seahawks kick ass in superbowl XL until the ref's started playing for the steelers, what a joke
by kks115 February 6, 2006
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One of the greatest Superbowls (even better than the one in '82) that will ever occur in any city, one of the sole reasons being it's gonna be in ***DETROIT*** and hype as hell! Yeah, we gotz a bunch of celebrities like DIDDY coming down...what now!?!
"Hey where was the superbowl XL this year?"
"Oh, it was in Detroit and that shit was so fun and hype as HELL! One of the best Superbowls ever!"
by Mulatto Chica February 3, 2006
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a well played game that the Seahawks should have won. but the Refs messed it all up, they had some of the worst calls ever, i personal thing the refs were payed off by the Steelers and the Seahawks should have won.
Person 1: hey did you see superbowl XL
person 2: oh, you mean the one where the Steelers cheated
person 1: yea that one
Person 2: man the refs should learn how to call a game
person 1: yea for real
person 2: Its doesnt matter though the whole world knows the Sehawks are better then the Steelers
by Amiller October 17, 2006
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