Muscle found on the top half of the arm, made up of the long head and the short head muscular bundles. Both link in to the elbow joint and both link in to different parts of the scapula, or shoulder blade, for those unfamiliar with the precise workings of that most noblest and erotic of things: the shoulder.

One of the easiest muscles to develop in bodybuilding training.

Culturally an important thing for men to cultivate, if he ain't got no biceps he ain't gonna be helpin you move that couch. Flexes the elbow and looks impressive. If you want to spend hours on it. Hours that could be spent fellating the neighbour's dog.

Despite the prominence of the bicep muscle it plays little role in actual strength and punching power, as far as the arm is concerned the triceps muscles are far more powerful as they are made up of three, larger heads and move both the shoulder and forearm.

The biceps maketh the man. Biceps are made not born.
If you were a bicep you'd want to be big and powerful wouldn't you. Remember that.
You couldn't own Paris Hilton in a fight

Sure I could, in fact, if i put you in a chokehold then flexed my bicep your head would pop off. *flexes mighty biceps*

I stand corrected *shits self, runs away*


With biceps like these I can pull any girl I want

Or you can pull any girl with a brain as small as your pathetic excuse for guns.


Hulk Hogan has heroically mighty biceps that could crush the skull of any would-be burglar or celebrity.
by SexFuhrer September 2, 2009
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The muscular result of drinking beer and tea, most commonly being developed in the front of the upper arm region.
Wow look at Tim's biceps, he must have drank a lot of beer and tea!
by Tibbs Jnr. February 18, 2009
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There's no such word as bicep.
The singular is "biceps," as in the right biceps and left biceps.
The above poster is a cretin, he thinks the word "bicep" exists.
by wilma45 April 9, 2007
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When someone with huge upper-arms flexes, and their bicep then proceeds to hit you in the face. See: punch.
Similar to: kneed, elbowed, and head butted.
Lindsey: Tom! Your muscles are so big, flex them for me!!
Lindsey: OW, you totally just bicepped me in the face! Thanks for showing me that they were real!
by 158110005 July 6, 2010
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One who comes to the gym and only works their biceps and leaves. Typically comes and does dozens of exercises to increase the size of their biceps, utilizing their knowledge of broscience. Known to take all equipment used to work biceps.
Dude that guy has been curling in the squat rack for 30 minutes. Oh ya he just another bicep bandit.
by ShutupandTrain March 18, 2011
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Arms that have so much fat hanging off past the elbows, it is virtually indistinguishable from a superheavyweight sumo wrestler. This phenomena is commonly observed in Walmart stores, where the average shopper has said biceps.
Upon further examination of average "Walmart people" on any given day, the number of morbidly-obese, hillbilly shoppers with Walmart biceps was staggering.
by CapnMidnight August 7, 2014
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