What drinks are when they're not allowed somewhere.
Sign: "No food or beverages"

You: "What the fuck is a beverage?"
by ex-cretin September 17, 2010
The consumption of alcohol, usually beer.
My friends and I are going to the local Pub to do some beveraging.

I have aquired a beveraging problem and seek the help of A.A..
by William Winter January 26, 2004
Enjoying alcoholic concoctions with friends
Shall we go beveraging after work.

Last night I got so beveraged
by J-gee January 10, 2010
The act of getting upset when there's something in your beer.
Man, there's a "v" in my beer! I have beverage. Grrrr...
by hootface October 22, 2009
going to your favorite club and partaking in alcoholic concoctions of the Labatts Blue nature, and having a great fucking time doing it
'Time for beveraging'
'Headed out beveraging'
"tis a great night for beveraging'
by NFallsBeverager January 8, 2012
To rejuvanate by drinking a high caffeine or high energy drink.
I feel run down. I need to beveragize.
by Stephen Slamowitz October 29, 2007
to drink something, as in a beverage.
“I like to beverage iced tea.” or “We beveraged while discussing our project proposal.”
by bread infection December 10, 2009