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Exaggerated compliments people make about a person who has just died. He may have been a horrible person in life, but you can bet that almost everyone will have great things to say about this person as he lies in his coffin.
"Yes, Joe was killed in the act of trying to rob a bank; yes, he was armed, and threatened to kill the teller; but just think what a good son he was to his mom! Remember how he went out on a snowy night to get her cold medicine? Joe will really be missed for the kind things he did."

"Yes, Joe always meant well. He just wanted the money to buy a birthday present for his grandma. What a caring young man he was".

Thoughts of the minister who is about to deliver the eulogy: "Boy, I've never heard such Funeral Fibs in my life!"
by SensualOne February 12, 2012
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Someone who is a really good person. The perfect friend, partner, lover. A person who gives of his time to help those less fortunate. Someone who willl give his word and keep it, no matter what. If you swear this person to secrecy he will go to his grave with your secret buried with him. He will give you the shirt off his back. He will risk his life to save yours. You are very fortunate, indeed, to know such a good person.

He is soulsweet.
Wow, Jim just lost his entire house and family in a hurricane, but here he is helping others get food and shelter! So soulsweet!
by SensualOne February 10, 2012
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I am better than you in every way. Whether it be in looks, intelligence, humor, prestige or social standing.

I am better than you.
You: Hi! How are you today?

Me: Better than you.
by SensualOne April 04, 2012
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Jetup! I'm waiting in the damn car!
by SensualOne December 23, 2010
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