Beautiful , smart , sexy and genuinely nice person with a great heart and greater behind .
No longer the only entry , Betsie .
by Galtzia31 February 22, 2017
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Another term for bestie but sounds better but can only be used in text for, not verbally
Grace: “hey guys”
Danna: “hi betsie
by hearts4loona January 28, 2021
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A old Truck found in the middle of the woods, Old, no motor, rusty, but has a tree growing in the middle. And the key belongs to an absolute retard
J.D: This thing doesn’t have a purpose

Adam: Betsie is a lot better than a Shitjeep
by Diplotard_101 September 24, 2019
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A betsi is usually very cute, and has the most appealing personality. They often have the most curvaceous bodies ever. They are commonly known to be edgy like and wish to live differently than most. They have a praise-wise smile ; that will instantly draw you to them. They know their eyes have intense power, the minute you see it, you feel like they are staring deep in your soul.

They are also very motherly, and have natural mother instincts. They are very good with children and wish to be always around them. A betsi is a natural beauty but, emotionally invested. They are called out for being mostly warm and nurturing. But, beneath all that beauty, they are very selfless and often put everyone first.
yoo did you meet betsi yet? she’s sooo sweet
by bummmmblebee June 16, 2020
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Betsys are shy when you first meet but soon enough you meet the crazy fun caring Betsy. They are cute, athletic and gorgeous inside and out but tend to hold on to things you've done. Don't hurt her she'll never forget. She's loyal and will always be with you although she has been hurt alot it doesn't stop her from falling in love. She is shy and has no confidence when speaking or being infront of crowds so struggles to talk to people she doesn't know or has a crush on. Although when friend's are being picked on she will get involved and will stand up for them.
Betsy is soo kind
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She is a Meter Stick. Her arch-nemesis is Tommy.
Betsy is a blessing to humanity
by IAmNotJack March 4, 2021
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a girl who is nice, sometimes shy, funny, smart, and pretty. she is smart about one thing that she knows she is good at. has a dream and will try to follow it.doesnt care wat other people think. stands up for her friends.
girl one: "have you seen the new girl?"
girl two: "yeah i heard she wants to be an actress and her name is betsy."
by LOTR fan300 December 24, 2008
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