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The longened version of the shortened Beth of the name Bethany. If a Beth is sometimes also called Bethy, it shows she has a wicked sense of humour, really knows how to party and is just fun to be around. Some people call her Bethy because she deserves more than Beth. Bethy's usually have rather large knockers and lads dig her. Everyone loves a Bethy!
Friend 1: (shouts over) Hey Beth, come here...

Friend 2: (in an annoyed tone) For goodness sake it's not boring 'Beth', it's Bethy... because she's different... get it right!

Friend 1: Oh right... okay then.
by 123onitjumb June 12, 2011
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A Bethy is a white girl who is very cute, Plays lots of video games and likes to prank people in very cruel ways and everybody absolutley loves her, she is positivley charming and will get her way without even trying, a Bethy is the type girl who would rather have friends then date anybody, yes she is straight but she is crazy about boobs, there is not a moment in life that Bethy is'nt obsessing over some girls bazookas, a Bethy has a medium size butt that people think she stool from a black girl, nicely thin waste and a great pair of boobs, a Bethy is also the type of girl who is attracted to asian men & wouldnt mind playing with a cute asian girls bazookas, she would do absolutley anything for a Quiznos Sub "masquit chicken", she is known for being a fox demon in earlier times but not many have seen that dark side of her, a Bethy may be the most amazing girl ever but be carfull a Bethy is known to make the best chicken wings that would just kill you to have, Basically a Bethy is the most EPIC girl alive and will make you fall in love like a comic.
Person 1: Oh my, Bethy is totally cute today maybe I should ask her out? But everytime I'm about to she gives me this stare that makes me fall to the ground and I just can't say a thing.

Person 2: I know exactly how you feel.

Person 3: Bethy is so amzing and she makes the best chicken wings ever!!!

Person 4: Warning, Bethys coming this way! Don't show fear or she'll hug you to death!!
by Cannibal Killer August 22, 2011
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ONE who loves to chop hair so she can keep it under her pillow, play and snuggle with it overnight. Commonly people who are bethys are admitted mental institutes or even jail because they are stalkers and pedaphiles.
She is such a bethy :/
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by lizzielizzie March 27, 2017
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bethy is a amazing smart girl and has a amazing personality i love her she has the best smile ever and gets great grades on everything.
she is such a bethy

i need to be her friend
by lazytiger May 30, 2018
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