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bethel, connecticut's public high school.

the current definition is wayyyy old. so here’s an update:

we got a new principal in like, 2008. she's known for her manhattan accent, photo-hogging, and acting like she knows who you actually are when she clearly doesn't. we also have two assistant principals for like, no reason. the town is firing teachers because of budget cuts. why don't they fire one of our 3 principals??

the administration is ridiculous. they think the kids who get a's in honors classes are all amazing, and the truants are the bane of the school- even if the "truant" is really badly sick and physically can't go to school and the "straight-a student" blows lines every night to stay awake and finish studying.

students generally aren't so attached to their racial groups like they used to be. it kinda doesn't matter what your last name or skin color is. now, social groups divide and merge depending on drug use, level of sexual activity, taste in music, sports team/club membership or lack thereof, and other such things. most people either don't have a set "group" or are parts of many different circles. in fact, the kids who stick to one general group of friends are considered to be "shy" or "strange".

tl;dr: bethel high school has matured a bit. it still sucks, but i guess that's why the students themselves are slowly coming together.
you know, it's really sad that the kids at bethel high school have more open minds than the people in charge of the school.
by some_bhs_senior_2011 December 13, 2010
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Bethel High School, in Connecticut, is 85 percent white ppl, 7 percent asian, and 8 percent blacks and hispanics. In this school there is alot of like bitch ass niggas that think they Crip or blood. If you white and your from Bethel, im sorry but you cant be ghetto. If your not white, then u aight. Bethel's freshman,(08) are all little hoes, who do shit with the upperclassmen further boost their status in the school. 90 percent of the people in this school are all talk, and when it comes time to scrap they whimper and cry. The other 10 percent, or the minorities, pretty much run the 90 percent of white ppl. We are the part that actually will fight if it comes down to it and we dont take shit from nobody. Bethel high school, is full of preppy pot heads whos drug money comes out of their parents wallets and purses in the middle of the night while they sleep . The preps are cocky and the girls suck- literally. Our principle is a known alcoholic, and hes been convicted of road rage while under ther influence. GO Bethel
KIE: Yo Christian, wutchu doin after school today?
Christian:CHillin homie, then ima run up on this preppy ass junior named ben, kinda like i did with his bitch brother, then ima go get some from the freshman. Theyre sdome freaks!
Kie: gud shit my dominican friend, ima prob do the same,
by Chris April 27, 2005
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1.A ghetto school in Hampton,Virginia was build in the 1960s and still has not been redone Home of wanna be gansters and a Bad football team that thinks they run the school

2.A really bad ghetto school ware the majority of the studens came from Davis middle school another ghetto school and also home of weed smokers

3.A Small ass school with ghetto ass girls and boys that droup out because they retared or pregnate also home of Hoes and Prostitutes
I got to bethel high school

I hate bethel high school

Fuck this school mayne
by ABDeasyas123 October 15, 2010
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There are 5 types of you people that go to bethel high school

1.The "Shoot em up bang bang" Are those people who are Ghetto and dose nothing but come to school normally those people who live in the Aberdeen section and the Orcutt ave area of hampton

2.The ROTC nerds Are those who are 105% percent into the ROCT and the army or the military (but there somewhat cool people) that about 60 to 70 % of the school

3.The wannabe Rich AKA the well known people of the school who wares nothing but played out polos or played out cloths that they got frm a store called cream or any other stores either at Patrick Henry or Peninsula Town center who Fry people just for the hell of it Which one day there going get shoot if you they try the wrong person

4.The "REAL Rich people" no These people even though they ware bummy cloth they still have money and dont care what people say to them because there richer and live in big houses in the Back of farmington or from York county VA

5.The "ignorant people" are those who just go around talk all this shit thinking that there not going to get beat down


im tired of the shoot em bang bang people

me to

well that what you get for goin to bethel high school
by sheesucksme93 March 13, 2011
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