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There are 5 types of you people that go to bethel high school

1.The "Shoot em up bang bang" Are those people who are Ghetto and dose nothing but come to school normally those people who live in the Aberdeen section and the Orcutt ave area of hampton

2.The ROTC nerds Are those who are 105% percent into the ROCT and the army or the military (but there somewhat cool people) that about 60 to 70 % of the school

3.The wannabe Rich AKA the well known people of the school who wares nothing but played out polos or played out cloths that they got frm a store called cream or any other stores either at Patrick Henry or Peninsula Town center who Fry people just for the hell of it Which one day there going get shoot if you they try the wrong person

4.The "REAL Rich people" no These people even though they ware bummy cloth they still have money and dont care what people say to them because there richer and live in big houses in the Back of farmington or from York county VA

5.The "ignorant people" are those who just go around talk all this shit thinking that there not going to get beat down


im tired of the shoot em bang bang people

me to

well that what you get for goin to bethel high school
by sheesucksme93 March 13, 2011
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