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bethel, connecticut's public high school.

the current definition is wayyyy old. so here’s an update:

we got a new principal in like, 2008. she's known for her manhattan accent, photo-hogging, and acting like she knows who you actually are when she clearly doesn't. we also have two assistant principals for like, no reason. the town is firing teachers because of budget cuts. why don't they fire one of our 3 principals??

the administration is ridiculous. they think the kids who get a's in honors classes are all amazing, and the truants are the bane of the school- even if the "truant" is really badly sick and physically can't go to school and the "straight-a student" blows lines every night to stay awake and finish studying.

students generally aren't so attached to their racial groups like they used to be. it kinda doesn't matter what your last name or skin color is. now, social groups divide and merge depending on drug use, level of sexual activity, taste in music, sports team/club membership or lack thereof, and other such things. most people either don't have a set "group" or are parts of many different circles. in fact, the kids who stick to one general group of friends are considered to be "shy" or "strange".

tl;dr: bethel high school has matured a bit. it still sucks, but i guess that's why the students themselves are slowly coming together.
you know, it's really sad that the kids at bethel high school have more open minds than the people in charge of the school.
by some_bhs_senior_2011 December 13, 2010
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