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Is a shit hole of a city that consist of a retarded school system and also retarded police system and a retarded good for nothing mall (peninsula town center).You can also travel with in 2 miles you can see the rich people and also the poor people.Its home of Ignorant people who think there fresh and rich wich there really not.Hampton is consist of 4 high school Bethel(The ghetto wanna be rich school) Hampton(The shell road and old as hell school) Kecoughtan(pronounced Kick-co-tan:The Only white school)and Pheobus(is the only school that actually ok).Hampton is also home of Fort monroe where the people swim or go to the beach. Hampton also has a Nasty beach called Buckroe beach home of the true pot heads. In the winter time Hampton is a bad place school close for no reason or stay open when theres a blizzard outside.People that actually either has common since or not from Hampton move away.People in Hampton specially hate people that are not from Hampton the people really hate the kids from York county Virginia(The county boarder north of the city) Because its majority of kids are rich and they get jealous.
Hampton,Virginia is a bad place

Jim did why is bob dressed like that

Because hes from Hampton,Virginia
by Jaybreezy0517 October 17, 2010
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Hampton a city located in Southern Virginia (one of the 7 major cities in the hampton roads area). To be honest Hampton is not really an impressive city its one of those cities you just pass by when going to Virginia Beach or Norfolk. Nobody comes to Hampton but yet we have a preforming center (Hampton Coliseum). There is only one mall in Hampton its dead spot when it comes to shopping (the peninsula town center or"PTC"). The majority of Hamptonians are African American (besides the Foxhill area). Hampton is really segergated by what people ware. just know if you do not own any pair or jordans nikes if do you own polo, supreme, obey or stussy shirts you WILL NOT SURVIVE HAMPTON. The natives of hampton are FAKE and IGNORANT do not trust them they act one way around you but slam you behind your back. Also everyone claims that they're from New York but they're not. there only 4 high schools in hampton so everyone knows everyone if your not from here you are going to be socially lost
Cameron: I cant stand that nigga he is so not from Hampton,

Bill: i know

(david comes bye)

Cameron:wassup bro

david:Typically Kids from Hampton,Virginia

by jklsad November 10, 2012
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