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The act of treasonous or traitorous activities being treated as heroic.
By trading multiple high value targets in exchange for Pvt. Bergdahl the President is really Bergdahling the American people.
by PainlessJ June 02, 2014
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The act of dissappearing for long periods of time for either no reason, or a very bad reason.

Also can be spoken as:

1) Bergdahled
2) Bergdahl

Gained traction among the veteran community after the Bowe Bergdahl incident where he simply walked off his base in Afghanistan to possibly join Taliban forces, only to be returned to the United States five years later.
"I've been bergdahling my science class this semester to smoke crack."

"I think Dustin bergdahled his family reunion to marry a stripper."

"I think I'm going to bergdahl work so I can get drunk with a hooker."
by ENDex July 06, 2014
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