The act of messing up, screwing up, letting someone take advantage of you, etc.
Example 1

Guy 1 to Guy 2: Way to let that guy take your seat. You really bent over

Example 2

Guy 1 to Guy 2: You just gave up another touchdown.
Guy 3: You're really bending over
by bender23 January 23, 2011
(v) To prepare to get screwed literally or figuratively.
Gas prices are going up again! Bend over, SUV drivers!
by keyshaw May 14, 2004
a term used sexually meaning to get ready to be fucked
usually used by a male to a female
bend over bitch
by Mr X 321 February 26, 2009
What you shouldn't do in a crowded shower full of men.
The prisoners of Alcatraz fear to bend over, so many people trip on the many dropped soaps upon the tiles of the shower floor.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 14, 2003
when a hoe reaches down to pick up her school books and you bend over too just to look
by jigga-nigga October 5, 2003
Someone who is so whipped by their employer, that they bend to their every will. They go above and beyond despite it being of no personal gain, making their co workers look bad in the process .


A little bitch
Me: Lets chill before we go home

Co worker: Nah ol bend over billy has just brought down more work!

Me: What! we go home home in 10 minutes....

Co worker: I know right, what a bend over billy... cunt.
by The bfg January 14, 2015