To drink for days on end with no control. Derived from the word Bender.
I celebrated the 12 days of Christmas with a 12 day benda.
by MaeveM January 13, 2010
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British word used for someone who bends over. Commonly spelled bender though benda appears more prevalent
Tom (acting gay)
Jerry: AHHH you fooking benda
by aaaaware July 29, 2008
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The act of lathering your genitalia with any species of the habanero family . Followed by thousand yard stare choking your significant other all the while gingerly tea bagging a bowl of whole milk. (Minimum; 1 pepper, 2 cups milk)
She won't look me in the eye anymore after last nights bendas incident.
by PBendas December 16, 2016
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After you spent all day at the fish market you were a real bendas
by Sean Walsh May 24, 2003
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A chick with a white van. Called Bendy in English. She's very awesome sometimes, but has a bad temper.
Joe: "El Bendae needs to come pick me up!"
Jayme: "Yeah, she does!"
by xLyzex May 24, 2011
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A politician who hides the nuts, and bolts, of their policy until the last moment, where it is revealed to be something completely different and unexpected. A political transvestite, if you will.
Man, I sure hope Obama doesn't turn out to be an agenda benda.
by Mikey The Comic February 3, 2010
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An activist whose primary goal is to infiltrate a system, demonstrate why some or most of its policies regarding, stances on or investment into a particular matter or position are flawed or inadequate and in need of review.

Also, AGenda Bendas are non-gender-conforming persons whose gender expression stretches the gender identification norm beyond the familiar binary.
"Some student activists for bullying remedies are agenda bendas seeking major policy reform. Sure, they want to protect kids, but they also want the bullies and the schools held liable for assault toward fellow students, even when aggression occurs on the bus."
"There are more AG's coming on the hip hop scene in the music industry. It's unexpected because when you first see them, you don't expect them to have female voices."
by BoisNextDoor December 7, 2012
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