An ink demon summoned by Joey Drew, the owner of SillyVision. Friend of Boris the Wolf, and Alice Angel. The lord to Sammy Lawrence, the music director, and master of the Searchers, ink blobs. Two pointy horns, a bow tie, gloves with two buttons and the classic grin on his floating head. He's the classic cartoon, and the mascot of Bacon Soup. For some reason, he doesn't check closets.

If you touch Leu he will murder your face.
Joey Drew Boris the Wolf Alice Angel Sammy Lawrence SillyVision Bacon Soup Searchers Bendy
by Leu Fanimeotaku October 6, 2017
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The ink cookie cat shaped little devil darllin'.

Often expressed through the internet as "Senpai"
Oh no! Bendy has to run away from the terrible fandom!!!!
by AngelDoggoBoi October 17, 2018
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Me: Aww look how cute Bendy is!
Friend: I agree, just adorable!
by FuryTheFox666 April 24, 2018
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Inebriated of alcohol and other substances.
Phil was so bendy last night man, he left his jaw at home.
by Ronangshore October 1, 2015
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A high school party often involving a lot of stupid drunk teenagers doing stupid, drunk things... but it's fun!
Man, I got invited to this bendy tonight, wanna go?
by writersblock123 January 21, 2011
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Describes a woman who is hot but also known to be a bit of a slag
Guy #1: yo look at that shawty over there, she is looking fine
Guy #2: yeah word is she’s pretty bendy though mate, she’s slept with a lot of guys
by FlakeHerInJamaica June 24, 2018
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Horny as hell. Dervied from 'supple,' lithesome.
How bendy are you feeling tonight comma babe?
by SS February 10, 2005
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