The art of belming is to protrude your lower lip outwards by inserting your tongue between your lower teeth and lip and extending your tongue forwards so.

The clear implication of belming at someone is that either;

- You don't really believe a word they are saying.
- You think they're a MONG and not really worthy of proper conduct.

The act of belming can be enhanced in either of two ways, preferably both;

- Stroking the extended chin at the same time. The longer the strokes, the more you're infering that lies are being told.

- Saying the world 'belm' at the same time. Quite a difficult word to say clearly when your tongue is sticking your lower lip out, but effective all the same.
If a friend was to state "Yes, that Saturday evening really was fun. I had both Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista fighting to take me home" you would be quite within your rights to say "Oh, really..." while belming all the while.
by James J. Foley February 20, 2009
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A conversational retort born in the 80's (Via UK kids show Blue Peter in conjuciotn with spastic Joey Decon)
The "belm craze" spread quickly between all children from 5-55.

The Phrase is pronounced towards one who you are mocking or generally disagreeing with in conversation.

The word "belm" is pronounced by inserting ones tongue between the lower front teeth and lower front lip and pronouncing the word "belm". The "lm" aspect of the word can be "held" for many seconds for great effect; EG: Belllllllllllmmmm". The pronunciation can vary in tone depending on how "spazy" one wants to make the respondent think of the power of the "belm". EG: One could choose to "beeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllmmm" at the respodent via the above proper method.

For added effect to a belm it is normal to rub ones hand up and down along the enlarged front lip area or to slap it in case of greater insult to be conveyed.

One on one contact: One could also choose to do the belm but only utter the sound "mmm" with the tongue stuck in belm position, this is a subtle but thorough belm and should not be disregarded as a poor belm, it is damning. This is the ultimate close contact personal insult. Don't do it unless you really dislike them.
by belmboy April 17, 2009
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From 1979 and Joey Deacons first ever appearence on Blue Peter (UK kids TV show for septic retards) The art of forcing your tongue against your bottom lip while making "NNNNRRRRGGGGGHHHH" sound just like old Joe Deek did
"you total spazz NNNRRRGGGGHHHHH"
by Jimi March 29, 2005
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Originally used by schoolkids in the 1970's, to express your opinion that the person you are speaking to is not telling the truth.

Always pronounced with your tongue stuck between your bottom lip and bottom teeth, so as to push out your bottom lip more than normal.

Often supplemented by holding said bottom lip area with your thumb and index finger, as if you were pulling your lip out.

Silly voice can be added for extra effect.
"You've got a space -invader machine in your bedroom? Belm!"

"He's such a belmer"

"You sh*gged a girl in fifth year? BELM! BELM! BELM!"
by Mr.T, I pity da fool! October 13, 2004
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to be a belm is to be a general mong.
belm should never be takin' as an insult as it is a compliment if you happen to be inbreed, which lets face it is alot of people now a days
God that peter is a Belm
by Simon_pri January 12, 2006
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The inside of any bearing of the sort. This could also be know as the inside of a spindle.
Yo bollocks, just ride the inner belm, it’s not that hard.
Yo baitmen, did u put ur bollocks in the dog bowl or the belm last night? I can’t find them.
by Bollocks&Arsimus October 6, 2022
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a rather thick acting person,with little or no common sense, somewhat like a chav.
me:hey paul isnt will such a belm
paul:hell yeah
me:lets go beat the belm
by gazzz November 10, 2005
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