An exclamation used to denote ignorance of something, often interchangeable with "I don't know". Comes from pronouncing "IDK" as "I deek", shortened to "deek". Originated at Berkeley High School in California.
Verb form
P1: What was the calc homework
P2: Deek man

Noun form
See Deeker
by Silty Clay Loam September 17, 2016
A word meaning dick but said in a nicer fashion. Said around people that may be offended by the word 'DICK!'
"hey deek. what's up?"
"DEEK! i just spilled my hand cream all over my pants!"
"deek, that sucks."
by Toe Tee. September 13, 2009
Word putting extra emphasis on dick.
A dick to the highest power
Dick squared
by Caseyh June 8, 2006
To have such violent and plentiful diarrhea that it runs down your leg and pools in your shoe.

Derived from Rob "Deek" De Castella, the marathon runner, who once this happened to when running a marathon.
Fucked her so hard in the ass she deeked herself all over my sheets!

I let her lick the deek of my willy. Gotta love the choc grin!
by Pat Bateman August 18, 2004
A guy who is a dork and a geek
Wow brad is such a Deek!
by XshortXdorkX January 25, 2004
1) A short, sweet way of saying "Double Kill" when playing online/console first-person shooter video games.

2) A possible nickname for Donkey Kong.
I was playing Halo and these two guys tried to run up on me. They didn't know I had a shotgun, and I got an easy deek.
by Solepsis September 22, 2011
A member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
Maury Yeston (Yale '67) reportedly was at the New Haven, Connecticut tavern where drunken Yale undergrad George W. Bush (Yale '68) danced either nude or clad just in a jock strap to entertain his Delta Kappa Epsilon frat brothers after being elected president of Yale's DKE branch. While matriculating at Yale as an undergrad, Yeston also was a "Deek". DKE was notorious on campus for being an Animal House-style fraternity known for hard partying. According to Bob Woodward's exposé "Plan of Attack" (2004), Yeston was the unlikely source of the drunken dance story, which plagued candidate Bush during the 2000 presidential election.
by Teats Battaglia October 25, 2006