1. The main character in Grand Theft Auto IV.
2. To overcome incredible circumstances.
3. To (in shooting based gaming) wreck faces.
"Yo man, get behind that column and Bellic your way out."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaand Bellic for the win!"

"Go pull a Bellic and headshot these fools."
by NomadicManic May 21, 2008
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A portmanteau of belligerent and delicate, describing people who constantly talk mad shit, but flip out the moment someone calls them out on their bullshit.

Belicacy is usually accompanied by a super-bougie disposition unique to Southern women.
This bellicate bitch has been shitting on me all day - thinking she's hella funny - but the moment I call her out on her Louis bag, she wanna throw down.
by agirlhasnoname1 December 20, 2016
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The Bella/Alice pairing from Twilight, a femslash pairing.
I LOVE Bellice.

Sometimes I like reading Bellice fanfiction. They are TOTALLY cute.
by seeyouintea June 4, 2009
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Roman is a fictional game character from Grand Theft Auto IV who owns a cab business in Liberty City. Loves titties, his cousin, his girlfriend, drinking, America, panicking, and most importantly, bowling.
Roman Bellic: Hey cousin, let's go bowling.
Niko Bellic: Sorry Roman, I'm busy.
Roman Bellic: Ok, maybe some other time then cousin.
by Macko Smith January 22, 2017
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When you take a rocket launcher point it to the ground and blow yourself up.
"Wow, I was so mad that I wanted to go Niko Bellicing with my friends."
by gamezforever576 June 15, 2013
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The Serbian protagonist of the best-selling game of 2008, GTA IV.
Many people mistake him as Russian, vaguely "Eastern European" or something else, but it's rather obvious by his name and native language which he utters throughout the game, he's Serb.

A veteran of the Yugoslav Wars (see: Bosnian war) in which he participated during his teenage life, Niko has a bitter and cynical perspective of the world because of a long history of suffering and betrayal at the hands of others.

He's a no-nonsense, business-oriented guy who's overly protective but perhaps a little paranoid as well.

After his army unit is wiped out in an ambush due to an unknown informant (later revealed to be a member of the unit itself) and at the invitation of his cousin, Roman, he comes to Liberty City in the US, where he's promised a lavish and rewarding life of luxury.

This is where the game kicks off, leaving the player largely to their own devices and free to mould Niko into either: a brutal, psychopathic and cunning hitman who exacts revenge on everyone who betrays him OR a repenter who eventually sees the bright side of life.

The game essentially details Niko's dealings and relationships with the various criminal organisations of Liberty City like the Russian Mafia.
However, there's is so much more to the story it's impossible to explain it all in one definition.
Niko Bellic: "God bless this city!"

Niko Bellic: "How would you like to die?"

Michael Hollick voices Niko Bellic in GTA IV.
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