A person of Serbian origin. A person belonging to the Serbian nation.
I am a Serb.
by Nati March 29, 2004
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- A person of Serbian background.
- A person that is from the Serbian (Slavic) race.
- A person that can go through alot and win in the end.
- A person that is loved by some, hated by some, feared by all.
He is a Serb. That man is a Serb
by Serbiaisthebestfucktherest September 14, 2005
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One of the world's gorgeous looking peoples out there! Full of pride, values and strength!
by Buttercuppp September 17, 2005
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Serb is a person who lives in Serbia.They are genocidal poeple of you say "Kosovo is Independent" They will try to kill you.They hate everyone in Balkan half island.They Hate Bosniaks the most.
by TFisWrongWithYou May 19, 2020
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Short for "serious business". Saying the word "serb" after stating a comment or fact means your are seriously telling the truth. If you "Serb" something, and then are caught lying about it, it means you are not to be trusted.
I didnt drink your last beer, Serb.
by Alex Plowers September 5, 2006
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Racial slur for people of Serbian decent. Made to degrade the importance of the name Serbian or Serbia.
by Mr. Didren December 2, 2018
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Serb: Pronunciation: ss-uh-rrb; to eat asshole. "Suuhhrrbbb": the sounds made from one's mouth and nostril area as he or she is eating a large and heavy asshole. Typically, the asshole in question is plummeted from some height towards a person's face, in order to have more force upon landing.
Guy #1: Man... my face is really sore today.

Guy #2: Why bro? Did you sleep in the wrong way?

Guy #1: Nah bro... my wife gave me a Serb last night, and my face is killing right now. The Serb was smelly too! Damn.
by JustASimpleMan March 2, 2019
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