A fanbase of psychotic, perverted, close-minded, slutty 13 year olds that worship Justina Beaver like she’s God and act like she’s the hottest, most precious thing to ever grace the Earth. They will usually cover up every bad thing she does by saying they’re just rumours when she was caught doing 95% of them on camera and if you say anything even remotely critical about their idol, they’ll start sending you death threats.
I heard that if Justina was to shoot somebody, she’d still have Beliebers kissing her ass.
by The only name not in use July 28, 2018
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Huge fan of faggot Justin Bieber who had sex change long time ago.

Girls who drools over Justin Beaver and wanna have sex, in short hoes.
Girl: I'm a belieber

Boy: You mean you're not fresh anymore? You ain't virgin!! Waaaaaaaah
by yohohohoho September 23, 2011
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People who believe in and support the AMAZING talented teen heart throb Justin Bieber, and would do anything to stick up and defend him. Beliebers are behind Justin Bieber every step of the way, and are the best fans in the world.
by kaatieebieberxo January 16, 2010
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1. A large group of mostly female Hypocrites who practice Hypocrisy.
2. A group of mostly dumb teenage girls.
3. A group that is annoyed and hated by almost every human on Earth.
4. A group that's infected with the deadly virus called Bieber Fever.
5. A group who is always obsessed with Justin Bieber.
6. A group that is evil.
Beliebers: we love you Justin.
Haters: you people are so annoying.
by fhajslfhakhfiuehfldhfjdgiuore September 28, 2013
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A Belieber is someone who believes in, supports, and loves the pop star Justin Bieber, 19, from Canada. Beliebers are the biggest fanbase, taking up over 34% of the Earth's population.
"I love all of #MyBeliebers. What we got here is real. You can't deny that." - Justin Bieber, via twitter
by califxrnia September 13, 2013
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One who is particularly inspired by Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber. Often greatly confused seeing as Justin Bieber is more than likely a female confused about her gender, with the voice of a small school girl.
The beliebers are going absolutely insane as Justin struts onto the stage!
by Lowbar April 29, 2013
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A fan of Justin Beiber, the teeny-bopper pop "artist" who spits on his fans and drag races for fun. Beliebers are more than fans, they are crazy, rabid, 12 year old girls who faint at his concert and etch their idol's name into their arm frequently. Usually associated with Directioners.
Person 1: Dude! That little girl just slapped me... I was listening to my earbuds, and it wasn't Justin Beiber music, so she slapped me.

Person 2: You mean the one over there with "I heart JB" scribbled on her forehead? Oh yeah. She's a Belieber.

Person 1: Yikes...
by OnlyJustAPerson October 04, 2015
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